California’s Natural Resource Challenge

Today, California faces growing challenges to our water supplies and natural resources. A changing climate has put our water supplies more and more in jeopardy as we face increasingly intense wildfires, droughts, and floods. California can no longer count on the federal government to provide help and support, even during the recent wildfires, but there is much that we can do to prepare California’s natural resources for the future. Now is the time to invest in clean water, safe parks and natural areas, to protect our economy and public health, and to safeguard California’s unique resources for the next generation.

Ensuring Clean Drinking Water. Securing Future Water Supplies.

Prop 68 will help California deal with droughts and wildfires that could become more frequent and severe. It takes a smart, efficient approach by recycling more water locally, and making local water systems more effective with proven cost-saving solutions.

Prop 68 will also keep toxic pollutants out of our water supplies, clean up groundwater, and protect land around the rivers, lakes, and streams that are the sources of our drinking water.

  • $540 million to ensuring safe drinking water
  • $180 million to increase water supplies with groundwater cleanup and water recycling
  • $550 million to protect local communities from flooding
  • $367 million to protect and restore our rivers, lakes, and streams
  • $1.6 billion

Creating Safe & Accessible Parks.

Prop 68 invests over $1 billion dollars in our local and state parks to ensure every child in California has safe and accessible places to play and to protect California’s special places for the next generation. It allocates funds to construct and rehabilitate parks in communities across California, improve and repair our state parks, and expand access to parks, waterways, natural areas. Prop 68 also creates new recreational opportunities for people in underserved urban and rural communities.

  • $725 million for parks in neighborhoods with the greatest need
  • $285 million to cities, counties, and local park districts to make local parks safer and improve facilities
  • $218 million to repair and improve state parks
  • $95 million to promote recreation and tourism
  • $1.3 billion

Protecting our Unique Natural Resources. Preparing for Natural Disasters.

Prop 68 protects and restores our natural resources for the climate challenges ahead, ensuring our greatest asset is available for future generations. It funds restoration and conservation of our open spaces, rivers and streams, Redwood forests and coastlines, beaches and bays. Prop 68 also expands access to the open spaces, coast, forests, and other natural areas where families hike, camp, swim, and play.

Prop 68 also invests in efforts to mitigate natural disasters like wildfire, floods and severe droughts. By investing in local water infrastructure projects, fire protection, efficient farming practices, and forest restoration, Prop 68 protects us from ongoing threats that will get more severe with a changing climate.

  • $765 million for conserving and protecting natural areas
  • $235 million to protect our bays, coast, and ocean
  • $140 million to improve our resilience to climate change
  • $1.2 billion

On June 5th or by mail, help ensure clean, safe drinking water and protect natural resources by voting Yes on 68!