Prop 68 Passes with Major Support from California Voters


June 05, 2018

The Success of the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act Signals the Beginning of a New Era of Investment in the State’s Parks, Water, and Natural Resources

Sacramento, CA – The Yes on Prop. 68 campaign tonight announced that Californians have decisively voted to approve Proposition 68, the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act. Prop. 68’s success sends a clear message from voters about the need to address the state’s most critical parks, water, and natural resource needs. By passing the measure, voters authorized funding $4.1 billion in bonds to protect our water and natural areas and help to ensure every Californian has access to safe drinking water and safe parks, particularly in low-income underserved communities.

“The success of Prop. 68 at the polls is an enormous win for all Californians, a win for our natural resources and a win for our future,” said Mike Sweeney, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy in California. “In addition to securing access to clean drinking water and safe places for kids to play, Prop. 68 will help us protect California’s iconic land and waterways – natural habitats essential to the survival of all species, including us.”

The California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act (SB 5) – authored by Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) & co-authored by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) – was passed by the California State Legislature with bipartisan support and approved by Governor Jerry Brown before it appeared on the June ballot for voter consideration.

“Passage of Prop. 68 is a tremendous achievement by California voters, our state Legislature, and the broad coalition that has worked together for years on this effort. It will provide parks, green space, and water protection for all Californians, no matter what part of the state they live in, and no matter what their economic status,” said Mary Creasman, California Director of Government Affairs for The Trust for Public Land. “Future generations of California families will benefit from today’s vote because they will have safe parks near where they live, clean drinking water, and help in the fight against climate change.”

With the passage of Prop. 68, an overwhelming number of California voters have now joined the legions of leaders and organizations that stood up for California by supporting the critical measure.

“The measure’s success demonstrates California’s continued desire to protect our communities and the value we place on open spaces, for our well-being today and for generations to come,” said Walter Moore, President of the Peninsula Open Space Trust.

The funding from Prop. 68 will help ensure Californians have clean drinking water by supporting efforts to keep toxic pollutants out of our water supplies, clean up groundwater, and protect land around the rivers, lakes, and streams that are the sources of our drinking water. The measure will also make key investments in communities that lack safe parks and places for kids to play and grow by providing more than $725 million for parks in neighborhoods with the greatest need.

“This measure will go a long way towards helping to protect and restore California’s redwood forests while introducing and connecting people to these wonders of the natural world,” said Sam Hodder, President & CEO of Save the Redwoods League.

Prop. 68 amassed a massive coalition of supporters from throughout the state representing Californians from all walks of life, including hundreds of bipartisan leaders and organizations as well as nearly every major newspaper, including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union Tribune, and Sacramento Bee.

“Not only will Prop. 68 help keep our redwood forests alive and thriving, 68 works to protect wildlife habitat, watersheds, and other important natural and scenic features that define California’s wilderness, and encourages public appreciation and enjoyment of our environment,” said Sara Barth, Executive Director of the Sempervirens Fund.

Prop. 68 will yield significant investments towards the protection and conservation of the wildlife that call California home, including funding for both coastal and inland habitat protection, corridors, improved conditions for fish and wildlife in streams, rivers, wildlife refuges, wetland habitat areas, and estuaries.

“Proposition 68 will protect California’s magnificent wild lands, many that are near and dear to urban communities, and that offer invaluable opportunities to educate our children,” said David Myers, Executive Director of The Wildlands Conservancy.

“Proposition 68 not only provides funding for the creation of more local parks, especially in areas that are currently underserved, but also supports organizations and programs that promote meaningful access and use of our outdoor environments,” said Amy Lethbridge, Executive Director, Community Nature Connection.

In addition to major support from national and statewide environmental and natural resource leaders and advocates, Prop. 68 earned endorsements from major support from the California Professional Firefighters, Association of California Water Agencies, American Lung Association in California, California Labor Federation, League of California Cities, California Chamber of Commerce, California Democratic Party, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, California State Parks Foundation, Southern California Water Coalition, TreePeople, Audubon California, Council of Mexican Federations, California Federation of Teachers, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Heal the Bay, Clean Water Action, and many, many more.